Virtual Private Server Packages

A virtual private server gives you the freedom and resources to adapt your hosting environment to your needs. We only utilize high end servers with dual hex core processors, 256GB of memory, and a RAID-10 hard drive configuration. Choose from our standard VPS, VPS with cPanel, and Managed VPS with cPanel.

  • Disk SpaceDisk Space
  • MemoryMemory
  • BandwidthBandwidth
  • IP'sIP's
  • PVE.2048

  • $29.99

    per month

  • Disk Space60 GB
  • Memory2048 MB
  • Bandwidth2,000 GB
  • IP's1
  • PVE.4096

  • $39.99

    per month

  • Disk Space80 GB
  • Memory4096 MB
  • Bandwidth6,000 GB
  • IP's1
  • PVE.6144

  • $49.99

    per month

  • Disk Space100 GB
  • Memory6144 MB
  • Bandwidth10,000 GB
  • IP's1

VPS Features and Options

Control Panel

  • Start/Stop/Reboot VPS
  • OS Reload
  • Monitor VPS Resources
  • Console Access

Control Panel Options

  • cPanel / WHM
  • Softaculous
  • Webmin (Free)

Additional Features

  • Additional IP’s
  • Fully Managed (with cPanel)
  • Jet Backup Backups

Full Server Management

Need more information about Server Management?

VPS Control Panel

The VPS control panel gives you full control over your server. Reload the operating system, boot, reboot, shutdown, access the console all just as if you were sitting in the datacenter. View logs and statitstics to track system reboot and shutdown events along with traffic statistics.

VPS Screenshots